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Our History

1928 Thaddäus Butsch (born in 1890) runs a polishing workshop in the ground floor of his house in Weilheim.
1948 The son of Thaddäus Butsch, Master surgical instrument maker Hermann Butsch, founds his own company and now produces his surgical Instruments on his own.

1960 Introduction of trademark HEBU or rather HEBUDUR.
1965 A small factory was built. Hermann Butsch employs 16 people.
1969 Extension of the factory. Rudolf Butsch (born 1949), is already well integrated into the company.
1971 Extension of the office building in the Kirchstraße.
1972 Rudolf Butsch completes his exam as a Master surgical Instrument maker.
1981 Change of company into HERMANN BUTSCH Ltd. Co. Rudolf Butsch becomes Managing Director.
1985 Further extension of production plant, Edition of first general catalogue with 196 pages.
1994 Administration, dispatch department and warehouse move into the new building, Mühlstraße 6. Certification according to DIN ISO 9001 and EN 46001.
1995 Certification according to the regulations of 93/42/EWG.
1998 Edition of new general catalogue with over 600 pages.
1999 Integration of a production company for special instruments.
2001 Start of construction of the new headquarter and manufacturing facility in Tuttlingen.
2002 Integration of two production companies with expansion of the product range in the areas of ENT and orthopedics instruments.
2003 Move into the new building in Tuttlingen. Change of company name into "HEBUmedical GmbH". After completion of his studies, Thomas Butsch, the son of Rudolf Butsch, joins the company as new managing director. Certification according to DIN ISO 13485 regulations.
2005 Integration of a production company with the main focus in jet cutting.
2006 Integration of another production company with expansion of the product range in the field of HF-Surgery. Further Extension of the Company Headquarter.
2007 Consolidation of the locations Tuttlingen and Weilheim with expansion in Tuttlingen with approximately 1400 sqm.
2008 Edition of new general catalogue with over 1.000 pages.
2010 Expansion in Tuttlingen in the warehouse and dispatch department with approximately 500 sqm.
2013 Implementation of SAP Business One as operating software
2014 Finishing of a new high-bay warehouse in Tuttlingen
2015 Commissioning of a 3D metal printing (SLM) for fast prototype production
2016 Presentation of the new main catalog in the 4th edition with more than 10,000 products
2017 Commissioning of 6 ultra-modern ultrashort pulse lasers for safe UDI Marking of products
2018 Completion of a new building for the assembly of the sterilization container and its market launch
2019 Commissioning of 2 robot cells in the machining production
2021 Certification according to the new MDR

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